Bad news lakers

With the return of The black mamba the LosAngeles lakers were thinking of having a good preseason. But now with Nick Young (swaggy P) missing 8 weeks due to a torn ligament in his thumb the chances look slim . The incident happened when Young was guarding Kobe Bryant during a drill in practice. Young being LA’s top scorer last season, puts LA in a slump for the preseason. But hopefully carlos boozer would be a factor in his absence.


Kevin love joining cleveland. Kyrie irving a factor in lebrons james decision.

The timber wolves made a really big trade, Andrew Wiggins, 1st draft pick, for Kevin Love 7th ranked best player in the nba. Lebron had a stacked team going into cleveland, with the number one draft pick an kyrie irving, Now the cavs have Lebron James, Mike Miller, Kevin love, Kyrie Irving, Shawn Marion. This team is stacked up. Its like miami all over again, an theirs rumors going around that ray allen might go to cleveland. So cleveland as a team, now has all the factors in becoming a championship team.  Lebron james answered questions on why he chose to go back to cleveland. An Kyrie irving was a huge factor in lebrons decision because kyrie has insane handles an is good as a player, but the team he had been playing with he had been carrying the team completely. an with all those huge factors lebron thought that his best chances on winning a championship was with cleveland his home team.


Lebron James Decision on Leaving miami and going back to cleveland.

I think that lebron james decision to go to the Cleveland cavaliers was a good and a bad thing. Good things: 1. Lebron came back home. to where he started out at. 2. Kyrie irving doesnt haft to be a one man team no more. Cleveland have gotten a couple of players that could play a key role on the cavs way towards a championship. But theirs also bad things: 1. Leaving miami pissed alot of people off, an may have lost him a handful of fans. but that doesnt mean he isnt one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Because he is. 2. Lebron may have had a great 4 years in miami yes, but i think one of the things that made him go back, is being completely humiliated by the San Antonio Spurs. Honestly if i was lebron i would have stayed with miami an came back as a more powerful team in Miami but i guess he got home sick and the players around him were beginning to rise up, so he went to cleveland to be a one man show.